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strong relationship quotes sayings in hindi

प्यार दो प्यारे लोगों के बीच आपकी भावनाओं को साझा करने और समझने के साथ शुरू होता है आप और आपके प्रियजन - नवीन

strong relationship quotes sayings

"Love is starting with sharing and understanding  your feelings between two lovely people you and your loved ones."  -Navin

Couple Quotes in Hindi

"पहला, प्यार इस दुनिया में  अब तक का सबसे अच्छा एहसास है" Good Morning!! -Navin

best couple quotes in english

"True Love is unconditional" -Navin

inspirational quotes about love and relationships

"First, love is  the best feeling ever in this world " -Navin

life is short quotes in hindi

अपने जीवन के हर पल को खुशी के साथ जिएं - नवीन

life is short quotes in english

"Live your Every Moment of  your life with happiness" -Navin 

Very short positive quotes

"Focus on your thought is  the indication of high  self-confidence ." -Navin

Famous short positive quotes

Never give up attitude shows the great leader inside you  -Navin

Best short positive Quotes

"Positivity starts from within" -Navin

short positive quotes

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

short positive quotes

Inspire others. Be good to yourself. Let it go. Be patient. Never give up. Have faith. Listen with love. ... Don't judge.