quotes about being a teenage girl

"Cherish the friends that support you through the good and bad- these are the people who will stick around into adulthood."

"A real friend never judges you and is there for you no matter what."

"Never take your loved ones for granted-through thick and thin they will support you.
The friendships you make in school are the ones that last a lifetime."

"Build a supportive network of quality friends around you and you'll always feel loved."

"When you find your best friend, it's an instant connection and you know that your friendship is meant to be."

"A best friend is a soulmate who loves you unconditionally."

"A good relationship makes both people grow into the best version of themselves."

"There is no greater joy than being a reliable source of support and friendship to someone you trust."

"Make time for those you love, they will return the favor in dividends."

"Your teen years can feel intense. You're somewhat stuck between being a kid and becoming a woman."

"As a teen girl, life can feel overwhelming, know that you will make it through and thrive."

"Remember to take moments and be present- your teen years are a magical part of growing up."

"The most challenging maturation experiences lead to the most profound growth."

"Spend time getting to know yourself and allow your true self to blossom."

"Every day you are growing and learning about yourself, what makes you happy, and what you want in the future."

"Be mindful of your future, but enjoy this special time in your life."

"Take time to explore your interests and what makes you happy."

"New responsibilities and challenges can be scary, but remember to embrace them, you'll find out great things you never knew about yourself."

"Be sensitive to other's shortcomings, and be vulnerable about your own, everyone is trying their best and learning together."


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