status for new job joining

"It’s with great happiness that
 I share the news of 
my new employment 
with all my wonderful friends! 
Thanks for encouraging me to
 never give up the search."

"I am more beyond happy 
to let you know that 
I just got myself the job 
I’ve always dreamed of. 
I am confident that this new job will 
bring me 
so much fulfillment and
 advancement in my career."

"I just landed a great job 
at a renowned company. 
I can’t wait to enjoy 
the joy that comes with 
an exciting new role."

"Guys, may
 I please have your 
attention for a moment?
 I’ve just landed 
a new career at
 an amazing organization. 
This is undoubtedly one of 
the happiest days of my life!"

"My job offer at ABC 
Limited has just been confirmed.
 It’s a done deal! 
Words can’t express 
my excitement!"

"Amazed and absolutely 
delighted to announce
 my employment at [Company Name].
 Not only do
 I have the best friends in the world,
 but I’ve also grabbed
 the best job in the world.
 I’m so blessed."

"After so many months of waiting,
 I’m happy to inform the world that 
I have finally received one 
of the most precious gifts of 
my professional life – 
a new job at the prestigious
 [Name of Company]."


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