tuesday morning greetings

Good Morning, Everyone ~ It doesn't seem the same without Monique getting us started. I hope she & Les are having a wonderful time.

Another HOT one yet. It was 104...again! Both Sun. & Mon. temps. broke the all-time high record for Sept. There still is a 90 in the forecast, but generally trending into the '80s now.
Happy Tuesday!!

I went to 2 furniture stores yest. I found a recliner I really liked...but the price was almost $900. Too much. I found another one for just under $300. A possibility. We also have the problem of how to get rid of the old recliner; it's too old to donate to a charity. DH & I cannot haul it out to the curb & put a free sign on it. We may call one of those we haul junk places to see what that would cost.

After shopping, I stopped by DS's apt.; he's making progress with getting settled in. I took him out to lunch for his birthday (which is today); we went to one of our local Mexican restaurants. A big meal; I brought home half of mine for later.

Happy Tuesday!!

Today I need to get the BRs ready for new mattresses being delivered tomorrow morning. We also are anticipating a power outage this a.m. when the power co. comes back to complete the repair on our street. I better eat my breakfast earlier than usual so I'll have power to cook.

Happy Tuesday!!

I feel bad for those on the east coast who are waiting to learn what Hurricane Dorian will do. It's such a slow mover. Keep us posted on how you're doing.

Morning all.Happy Tuesday!!

A sunny day here today after rain and a quick storm passed through yesterday evening. We had a tornado warning pop up on the TV around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. It touched down about 25 minutes east of us and wreaked some havok.

Been sewing a bit each day and getting a couple of small things ready for quilting. Seems this cooler weather gets me energized to sew.

Not much important on my to do list for today, so I'll see what the day has in store for me. Hoping Monique enjoys her vacation, wishing everyone a good day!

Happy Tuesday!!

Good morning all. It's a nice sunny morning here after a bit of an on again/off again rainy one yesterday. We had a fun visit with Vicky, Kenny, Max and Lily yesterday morning. Max, who is 9, was fascinated by my sewing and embroidery machines. He also spent time with grandpa in the gardens before the rain started. He was checking out how things had changed since the last time he was here. Lily liked being outside too but when she was inside, all she wanted to do was find Myrtle, our cat. But Myrtle is very good at hiding. Lol

Well Tim, his 2 dogs, his ex gf Mandy and her 2 cats are on the road this morning getting out of Dorians way. He expects to be gone at least through the weekend. The storm surge and power outages will be the issue for them. Since where he works is also on an island, he won't need to be back there until they get things back up and running. The news out of the Bahamas is heartbreaking.
Happy Tuesday!!

Back to the sewing room for me. I need to set a reminder that I need to start picking Henry up after school today. Tessa is in daycare full-time now so I don't have her to hang out with. I miss her but caring for a baby is pretty tiring at my age.

Have a good day all. Be safe all those dealing with Dorian.

Good Morning All,Happy Tuesday!!

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and probably will be another one for most of today from the looks of the weather maps. I feel for those in the Bahamas. It seems like Dorian is like me going into a room and just standing there trying to remember what I went for. Folks in south FL that are out of the cone of concern, are already making arrangements to donate their hurricane supplies to the people of the Bahamas as soon as it's safe to get it to them.

I worked on a quilt for Morgan yesterday afternoon. This morning I really need to get motivated to clean up the kitchen. Mike wants to take care of his laundry today. I should go ahead and strip the bed and do my sheets.

Morgan has left for ER duty. She'll get home Thursday night, maybe, it just depends. That will make for a nice pay check for her this month. Hopefully, it will break up the 6 day straight shift she was supposed to start at the end of this week.

Well, time to get busy. That kitchen, the bathrooms, the bedrooms won't clean themselves and I'd like to get the blocks sewn together today.

Have a great day! Happy Tuesday!!

Good morning all,

I've been absent from posting for a while, but always check in to see what everyone is doing. We spent the weekend at the cabin with DS #1 and his family. The weather was decent, and the kiddos got to have their last rides on the jet ski for the season. All the lake toys are put away except for the canoe and the pontoon. We'll drain pipes and shut the cabin up the first weekend of Oct. I'll still spend some time there this month, but with the GKs back in school their weekends are too busy to head to the lake.

We're having an early fall it seems...temps are already in the 60's. It's the first day of school for MN kids. We have a law stating schools have to start after Labor Day. Usually the first couple of weeks of school are pretty warm. When I was teaching, my classroom was in the 100 yr. old part of the building. It was all brick and huge windows, and wow, did it heat up in the afternoons!! No air conditioning in most of our schools up north....only if it's a brand new building.

Happy Tuesday!!

I have a chiropractic appt. later this morning, and this afternoon I'll be watching my oldest GS play his first Jr. High football game. Seventh grade already. How did that happen??? I hope to get some sewing time squeezed in somewhere. I work tomorrow and Thursday this week. It's also my weekend coming up to work.

I'm watching the hurricane news closely as DS #2 and family live on the east coast of NC. They just moved there in May from Okinawa where they had to deal with typhoons, and now it's hurricanes!

Happy Tuesday!!


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